About the National Benefits Center, Inc.

Provided by Experienced Baltimore Disability Benefits Representatives

Background of the National Benefits Center, Inc.

The National Benefits Center, Inc., or the NBC, is a National Organization that opened in 1992 and handles Social Security disability and SSI claims. The accredited disability representatives at the National Benefits Center, Inc., work on the behalf of those who have disability claims and seek to obtain disability benefits.

Information Provided Regarding Baltimore Social Security Disability Benefits

In addition to the above forms, we have a number of disability representatives who are able to explain Social Security benefits, including how to determine eligibility, how disability is defined, and how to file for Baltimore Social Security disability benefits. We understand that applying for Social Security disability can be difficult, and we make it our goal to help you throughout the process.

If you are looking for a Baltimore Social Security advocate*who can explain the Social Security process and help you get the benefits you need, contact the National Benefits Center, Inc., today. You can contact us at any time, and we won’t turn anyone away no matter what.

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